XT Range 

The New XT Range: Places 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 rivets & 6.4mm structural fasteners.


ProSert XTN 20 Nutsert tool 

A next generation high-production blind rivet nut installation tool incorporating the latest technologies to deliver class-leading reliability. performance and ergonomics

somake air drill.png

SUMAKE Air Drill 

  • Durable air drill to help make all your drilling jobs easier and faster. Choose from variable speed, single speed and reversible air drills and equipment to handle the tough jobs in your workshop.

somake air grinder.png

SUMAKE Air Grinder

  • Ideal tool for any heavy-duty grinding works of vehicle maintenance service or industrial application.

somake air wrench.png

SUMAKE Air Impact Wrench

  • Professional class air impact wrench delivers more power, lighter materials and more compact housing.
    Premium grade components with close tolerances give this tool a longer lifespan. Less vibration, you can work longer with this durable pneumatic impact wrench than the competition.

somake air sander.png

SUMAKE Air Sander

  • Well designed and balanced tool for sanding. Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip.

somake air cgun.png

SUMAKE Air Caulking Gun

  •  Pneumatic tool for placing cartridge or sausage silicone sealants. Non-drip, 2 in one feature.

somake air riveter.png

SUMAKE Air Riveter

  • Pneumatic riveting tool for various riveting applications. 

somake air die grinder.png

SUMAKE Air Die Grinder

  •  Ideal for fast accurate close proximity work from deburring, mould making and engraving.

somake air screwdriver.png

SUMAKE Air Screwdriver

  • Lightweight and compact design. User-friendly tool.

p sheer.png

Metal Shear

  • Pneumatic tool for shearing metal. Comfortable and user friendly.

p spraygun2.png

Spray Gun

  • Choose from a variety of designs. Well balanced tool.


742 Rivnut Tool

  • Pneumatic tool for placing M4 to M12 Rivnuts. A complete tool with nose assemblies.


73200 Lockbolt Tool

  • This tool is ideal for placing 10mm Lockbolts and Monobolts. Heavy Duty.


ST-6400A Lockbolt Tool

  • Designed to place smaller diameter pins and collars. 


Lazy Tong Riveting Tool

  • AVD LAZY TONG RIVETER FH44. Places 3,2, 4.0 and 4.8mm Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel rivets

rivet hand tool.png

Rivet Hand Tool

  • Hand plier type, Riveting tool. AVD HAND PLIER RIVETER FH10.  This tool places 3.2mm/4mm & 4.8mm rivets.


Rivnut Hand Tool

  • AVD RIVNUT HAND PLIER FH20. Tool complete with 4, 5 & 6mm nose assemblies. Tool can place aluminium & steel round type rivnuts.  

battery operated riveter.png

Battery Operated Riveter

  • This tool places 4.0 & 4.8mm  Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel blind rivets. Including 4.8 and 6.4mm Monobolts and Interlocks as well as Hemloks.

bo rivnut.png

Battery Operated Rivnut Tool

  • This tool places M5 to M10 Rivnuts

  • Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel

  • Round and Hex type Rivnuts.