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Hydrapac® Hydraulic Power Units

  • HydraPac® hydraulic power units are compac, portable and available in 220v, 380v and 525v models.

  • The electrics are in a separate dry compartment and mounted externally on the motor.

  • A unique feature is that the motors only run on demand, when you close the tool trigger, it remains running whilst a series of fasteners are driven.

  • At the end of the series if there is no further demand for a preselected (variable) time, the unit switched off, a touch of the tool trigger starts the unit instantly.

  • Conserving power and enhancing system life.

  • These units are also available in dual that allow operation of two hydraulic tools.

  • Available in Mobile Diesel


Hydraulic installation equipment with nose pieces to install a range from 5mm up to 28mm. 


Hydraulic Collar & Nut Splitter compatible with Powerpac and handpump one splitter can split three sizes. 


Hydraulic Close Quarter installation equipment one tool per diameter fastener from 13mm to 28mm available.